Creative bag- No-sew quilted Ornaments

Creative bag- No-sew quilted Ornaments

Do you like Christmas?
I love Christmas, especially all those deco ideas that come to my mind around Christmas and I feel like I don’t have enough time to try everything 🙃 

In this tutorial I will tell you something about technique called Quilting and Patchwork.
I am sure you have already heard of both techniques. 

What is Patch work or Pierced work?
It is a needlework that involves sewing together small or bigger pieces of Fabric into a flat design. Designs are usually made of geometric shapes, precisely measured and cut.

And what is Quilting? 
It is a process of stitching layers of material together to create decorative quilt.
It is a beautiful crafty technique that requires a lot of patience! 

Quilting associate with warmth and patchwork is a way of using up every scrap of fabrics or extending life of clothing.

Why is this decoration called no-sew quilted ornaments? 
We are layering pieces of material- ribbon or fabric with pins- thus no sewing involved.

Now imagine you are sewing all those little pieces and creating something big. I haven't tried real patrchwork or quilting yet but I am planning to learn it.
Even this no-sew quilted technique is pretty much time consuming. Only to prepare the material (cut all those little ribbons) take some time and then there is still an actual creative process 🙃 
Long time ago I have done a whole set of 7 Patchwork balls in couple of days, well that was something🤯 (you will understand as soon as you try a Creative bag😃 ). 

How can you use these ornaments?
They will look amazing as a part of a Wreath decoration on your main door, or as a table decoration, even on Christmas Tree (remember not to use a real candles around it!).


Okay😃, I guess everything you needed was already mentioned, so are you ready for this challenge?
Do I hear YES?!  Let’s begin👍🏻



  • Styropor ball 6cm (already marked for straight layering)
  • ribbons (already pre-cuted into size  5x 2.5cm 56 pieces)
  • pins (150x)
  • Ribbon (white/ beige or gold/silver) ca 50 cm

What else you might need:

  • Good mood
  • Patience
  • Cup of tea (maybe even glass of wine :) )
  • Good Music (perhaps Christmas playlist :) )

Do not rush creative process. 
You will create for about 1.5 - 2 hours (more if you have friend over and you all create together :) )
Pins might sometimes be stubborn and they wont go inside the ball. 
Take pin out and try again with slightly changed direction. 
Distance between each layer is ca 0.3-0.5 cm. 

Every step is perfectly visible in video tutorial. In case you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me via email.
Have fun and enjoy learning No-sew Quilted Ornaments technique :) 

Watch video tutorial right here🙋🏻‍♀️ 

In case you have questions or there is something not really clear in a video, please let me know. 

Sharing is caring. 
When you are finished with your project, take a picture and tag me in your Instagram stories @ar_design_atelier
📸 I will gladly share it in my stories too ❤️

Let’s meet in a creative dimension.

With Love 
Gabriela- ar design ATELIER

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