Sommer Time

Sommer is finally here!
The weather is nice and warm, sun is shining... Summer flowers are in a full bloom and the Nature is wearing her most beautiful colourful dresses.

Want some colours too?
Check this out.

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is a slow and conscious brand, with focus on handmade, quality, sustainability, reusability,
using high quality, second hand, OECO Tex and GOTS certified materials.

You will find limited collections of products handmade with different crafting techniques,
Creative Bags with tutorials and materials for crafting at home
or inspirations and creative DIY photo and/or video tutorials.

Welcome to ar design Atelier's virtual creative world.

Soutache Jewellery

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New in

In beautiful pastel and ombré colours.
Suitable for everyone and any occasion.

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Creative bag

Creative bag

What is “Creative bag”? Try and learn crafting techniques by yourself. Creative... 

  • Sustainability

    It is very important to understand how our life choises impact us, those around us and in the end the whole world.

    Using high quality, second hand, Oeco Tex and Gots certified materials for creating limited small collections.

  • Creativity

    is powerful tool
    in ar design Atelier.

    Trying new things, techniques, ideas, new aproaches to discover different ways of creating interesting projects
    and products.

  • Responsibility

    for what materials are being used during creative process, where and how are they produced.

    Collecting, reusing
    and up-cycling waste materials giving them
    new purpose.

  • Quality

    each product is passionately designed, materials are carefully choosen, products are made with lots of love.

    Every thought during the creative process is about the person, who will have/wear the end product.

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Macramé creations

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