About ar design atelier

Hi, Hallo, Hola, Ahoj!

My name is Gabriela, and I am the creative soul, heart,
brain and hands behind ar design Atelier. 
Originally from the eastern part of Slovakia, where I 
studied Fashion Design
and Aesthetics and Art Culture with a Bachelor degree.
With heart in Switzerland, where I successfully finished Personal Styling course.

I am a Creativist, Minimalist, Jewelry/ Accessory/ Home decor Designer & a Maker, Multipotentialite, passionate Organizer of seemingly unorganizable rooms,
these days also a Personal Stylist and once in a month I am also a Hairdresser.

We are all creative!
As a little girl I have learned classic crafting techniques as knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, string art and Macrame.

Creativity requires lot of practice and patience. 

After more than 20 years of learning and trying all kind of creative techniques, my portfolio is quite wide. I love to learn new creative ways and there are still crafting  techniques I can’t wait to learn (like Bobbin lace☺️).

Creativity became huge part of my life and I can‘t live without it. I bring creativity everywhere with me! You can find me to work on my crochet projects literally everywhere where I can take it with me. 
How I dared to try?
First working experience in Switzerland is forever a traumatic one, that lasted for several years. Yep, unfortunately… I did learn many lessons!

It took me a while to get the courage but year 2020 showed me that everything can change in a second and there is no point in constant waiting for the right time to come. Therefore I started actively working on ar design Atelier.
2020 definitely opened my eyes and gave me incredible amount of wonderful connections.

ar design ATELIER
is a slow and conscious brand, with focus on sustainability, reusability,
second hand materials and certified materials which are harmless
not only to people but also to the nature.
Therefore each piece is absolutely unique and original!

You will find limited collections of products made with different crafting techniques, or handmade Creative Bags with tutorials and materials for crafting at home.
Everything on this website is designed and handcrafted by only one person and that is me 🤓 

Are you asking why „ar design“?
„a“ is a last letter of my first name
and „r“ is a first letter of my last name 🤓

Ar design ATELIER was born to show you beautiful world of creativity and teach you interesting crafting techniques, but also how to relax, enjoy the moment, help you organize things and spaces, and see things in a different perspective.

In case you have any questions you want to ask, don’t hesitate to contact me 😊

I believe you will love it here as much as I do.
Thank you for being here!
Let‘s meet in a creative dimension.