Collection: Creative bag

What is “Creative bag”?

Try and learn crafting techniques by yourself.

Creative bag is full of materials for your crafting time. You can try and learn new techniques, create beautiful products which you can afterwards give to your loved ones or keep it and be super proud of what you have created all by yourself!

Each bag is mindfully created for you. Inside are only those materials you really need for the project. Nothing additional (perhaps little bag of a tea might be there :) ). Important is to think about sustainability and that we don’t create more unnecessary waste.

Idea behind Creative bag was very simple. Creating always helped me to be in a present. No thinking about past or the future… no! Only present moment and crafting. This process was ALWAYS very satisfying, relaxing and calming.

I want the same for you.
We live in a hectic world, there are many stressful situations. We need to switch off and enjoy little creative moments. You can experience it all by yourself or share it with friends, kids, partners, colleagues, anyone…

I hope you will enjoy your Creative bag as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Let's meet in a creative dimension.

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