Upcycled Coffee Cups

Upcycled Coffee Cups

Days are getting shorter, temperature is getting lower (even tough it still doesn’t feel  like Autumn is coming), setting up the mood with cozy clothes, interesting book story, fruity tea and candle light… 

Candle light is something that is related to shorter and darker days. But to keep buying them all the time… is not very sustainable…

What do you do with all those empty candle glasses that you have hidden in that special cupboard or a box? 

I know, I know 🤓 they are waiting for their moment to shine again 😎

These kind of materials lie all around my atelier as well 🙈 some ideas come faster then others…

Today I will show you an upcycling idea that you can do with pretty much every empty glass or coffee/tea cup you have at home. 

Let’s begin 🙌🏻

What we need: 

  • Bio Bees Wax (did you know that soy wax is not sustainable? Since soy plants are being planted as big scale monocultures, it is destroying fauna and flora… Think about the impact it has and try to support local beekeepers producing Bee Wax ☺️)
  • OR old burned out candle wax rests, can be melted and reused
  • Empty, clean glass jar or a coffee cup 
  • Candle wicks
  • Sticks or pencils to keep candle wicks stable in a hot wax 
  • few drops of scented oil 
  • Tools for water bath- pot with hot water and a smaller pot for wax melting

How to stick candle wick on the bottom of your glass/ cup? Dip it little in a melted wax and carefully stick it in a center of your jar/ cup. 
Have it already wrapped around the stick/ pencil to make sure it won’t move. 

Melted Bees wax with few drops of scented oil ready to be poured in our coffee cup/ glass jar. 
Be careful the pot and a wax are very warm. 

Carefully and slowly pour it in☺️ the best way is to do it in 2-3 batches, wait until the previous pouring is cooled down and continue until it’s filled. Then let it cool down for several hours. 

Tadaaaaa 🥳  
Bees Wax Candles are ready for those long and dark Autumn evenings🍁. 

Ps: if you are wondering why the are two different shades of Bees wax, the reason is, one wax is Gold colored from Zero Waste store, the other one is a bleached pharmaceutical bees wax. Both are 100% pure, natural and bio products.   



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Let’s meet in a creative dimension.

With Love 
Gabriela- ar design ATELIER

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