Beads bracelet

Beads bracelet

Weaving and Beads, a beautiful combination.

 I used to try lot of creative techniques when I was a kid. I remember when I was trying weaving beads bracelet on a Ladder of my double bed :D it was the only place where I could tied up threads for my bracelet. The whole process was quite complicated because I didn’t have a proper needle and proper thread, oh and a proper frame. It was quite impossible to finish this project. 

After many years I have tried it again but now with a proper tools. 
Beads- what we need
What we need:
  • glass beads
  • Bracelets thread / nylon 
  • Needle (special thin needle for techniques with Beads)
  • weaving frame
  • scissors
  • pattern
  • Closures
  • Tea 
  • good music
  • little bit of time :)
 Beads- Step 1
 First we have to attach nylon thread to the weaving frame. The amount of threads depends on how wide should be the bracelet. 

Starting with easy patterns, drew on a squared paper. Each square represent one beads, using color pencils.
Beads- Step 2
Super thin needle is perfect for beads. Once the main nylon thread is knotted, beads can be put on needle in order to match the pattern. Nylon thread with beads will be placed below the base. Each beads goes between the base threads from the left to the right. And then needle goes back from the right to the left trough the each bead above the base. It is very interesting weaving technique.
Beads- Step 3
Bracelet should be 2-3 cm shorter than the size of a wrist.
Add closure
It is important to make a proper knot so the beads are not loose at the end. Rest of a nylon thread is used for weaving (1-2 cm) for closure to be attached on both end.
Before bracelet closures are  added, glue needs to be applied to make sure that both metal parts are holds properly and then press it with jewelers pliers. 

Bead Bracelet- the end
The End Result.
Let‘s meet in a creative dimension.
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