Bees Wax Wrap

Bees Wax Wrap

Sustainability and Zero Waste are very important topics these days.
It is kid of funny because this is exactly how our gran, gran, gran, grandparents used to live their every day lives. Years and years ago there were no plastic bottles or plastic bags. 
They were using glass bottles, linen, baskets, metal bowls and so on...

I really like slow living, it makes me more aware of every day life and see things that weren‘t so visible before... That is also why I have tried to make some things at home by myself for example Bees Wax Wraps or linen bag for bread.
It feels very, very nice to use something made by your own hands.
It is a very proud moment :)
That is also why I would like to encourage you to try this project at home. It is not as messy as you might think. Yes, you have to be careful because wax will be liquid and hot but you can choose from 2 different options:
1. using Iron
2. using Owen

This project is very easy, not very time consuming, it is better to do it without kids around since bees wax will become very hot plus we will be using Iron / Owen.
What we need: 
BeesWaxWrap- we need
*Poplin 115g/2m
*zick-zack scissors 
*BIO bees wax (ca.150g)
*Jojoba oil
*backing paper
*Iron/ Owen


Let‘s begin.

  1. Cut your fabric into smaller pieces and Iron each piece to make them flatBeesWaxWrap- step 1
  2. Prepare ca. 30g of BIO bees wax with few drops of Jojoba OilBeesWaxWrap— step 2
  3. Put your fabric on backing paper prepared on your Ironing desk or backing plate (it Defence which options re going with). Spread Bees Wax flocks mixed with Jojoba Oil al around fabric pieceBeesWaxWrap- step 3
  4. It depence if you are using Iron or Owen. If Iron then cover prepared fabric and spreader wax flocks with another piece of backing paper and slovenly start putting Iron on it. If you are using Owen, you don‘t need to cover it just put it into already preheated Owen (150C).BeesWaxWrap- step 4
  5. Be careful when taking of backing paper. It is hot, you might burn yourself. Take your wrap off the second layer of backing paper and let it cool. It‘s very fast. Now you are ready to use it :).BeesWaxWrap- final
How to take care of it: wash it with a colder water and little bit of detergent. In a warm water wax will melt. 
    I hope you will have fun by doing this project. And remember you are doing something good not only for yourself but also for our Planet!







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