Design your own wrapping  paper

Design your own wrapping paper

Have you ever tried to make potato stamps when you were in a primary school? 
I remember we made a potato stamps when I was in a first grade.  It was a lot of fun.

Wrapping paper can be used any time of the year. Doesn’t have to be necessarily for Christmas, you can use it for Birthday or Valentine’s Day or any kind of present :)
It depends on your imagination and your creativity what stamp designs you will create. 

Becuase I loved the idea of Potato stamps so much I wanted to try it again. 

Wrapping paper- potato stamps 1
What we need: 

  • Plain wrapping paper 
  • 1-2 potato’s (depends on how many designs you want to try)
  • cookie cuter 
  • Knife
  • Color  (I am using Alles Fabre)

Wrapping paper- Potato stamps 2
We have to cut potato in half and then we will use cookie cuter (press cutter into the potato). 

Wrapping paper- Potato stamps 3
Once cookie cuter is in a potato, we will use a knife and cut it around cookie cuter. 

Wrapping paper- Potato stamps 5
Tadaaa, potato stamp is ready 👍🏻

Wrapping paper- potato stamps 6
Let‘s begin.

Wrapping paper- Potato stamps 7
It is a lot of fun, I am sure you can do it even with a little kids and have super creative time. 

Wrapping paper- Potato stamps- wrapped presents

With Love
ar design atelier

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