Embroidered Ornaments

Embroidered Ornaments

This tutorial was suppose to go out before Christmas, buuut many unexpected things happened and there was no time for me to do this.

Since Christmas is already gone (how did this happened 🤯) I decided to make this tutorial more general. It doesn’t really matter when you create it, because you can use all kinds of shapes for any season really.

Project  I am about to show you,  is one of those I coudln’t  start working on for whatever reason…. Now I know why😉

I have everything I need and I am going to finally create and show it to you 🤓 The best part is, this tutorial was waiting for a special meaning… It wasn’t suppose to be created until there is sustainability and zero waste values involved. 
So, here we are, creating from fabric and thread waste🙌🏻

Project is very easy, you can create it even with your kids (there is embroidery and hand sewing involved). 

Shall we begin? 

Let’s go 🙌🏻

What we need: 

  • Felt (red, green, white)
  • Embroidery thread 
  • sewing thread
  • needles
  • scissors
  • paper pattern of heart, tree, star 
  • filling material (I am going to use as a filling small pieces of threads and yarns I collected in last 6 month)
  • ribbon 
  • glas of tea, coco, wine, coffee, water (whatever you like)
  • Favorite music 
  • and little bit of time because this will take couple of hours to complete (depends on how many ornaments will be created)

Video tutorial is right here 🙌🏻

On thicker paper prepare your patterns- heart, star, tree, ginger bread man, flower, whatever you like. 
Sizes should be between  7- 10cm (width and high), you need to be able to embroider and also sew and fill it up.
Once you have your patterns ready, you can draw them on felt (or any rest pieces of fabric).
Make 0.5cm wider edge, you will be sewing around it. Now cut it out (always 2 pieces front and back). 

Now we ready to do embroidery 🤓 We can use chain stitch or straight stitch, or cross stitch. Would be fine to make some drawings of your embroidery patterns for each ornament. It will be easier to follow up. 

Once we are done with embroidery (on front or both sides, it’s totally up to you) we can start stitching the edges. There are two options, if we have felt we can stitch by hands around the edges. If we have fabric, we can turn fabric ornaments front to front and use sewing machine, than turn it inside out, or you can even sew  front part around the edges but here I recommend to cut out your ornaments with zick-zack scissors (both options will be beautiful!). 

PERFECT! Now the filling part. 
I have used all kinds of thread rests (from sewing, macrame, small pieces of fabric). You can do the same or use special filling material (I recommend to collect crafting waste- from sewing, macrame, knitting or crochet,  for some times and you will have enough filling material 🤓 it will be super cool trust me! Your cute ornaments will be zero-waste 🙌🏻).

Last part is to sew that small hole we left for filling. Do it with a machine or with hands using straight stitch.
And we also need ribbon or thread so we can hang it later aaaaand we are done🙌🏻

This project is very easy.
I am sure even your older kids will love it and the whole family will have fun with the project. 

Embroidered ornaments 


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📸 I will gladly share it in my stories too ❤️

Let’s meet in a creative dimension.

With Love 
Gabriela- ar design ATELIER



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