Flower Accessory

Flower Accessory

Spring is finally here🌷 Even if right now it doesn’t really look like it🤔

I was browsing my photo albums with all DIY projects I have done in last 6 years and I found one, which warmed my heart and is absolutely perfect for Spring. 

We will be up-cycling old or not used polyester curtains by creating beautiful Hair or Wedding accessory.

Tutorial is very easy and suitable for ladies nights or older kids B-day crafting party.

Are you ready? 

Let’s begin.

DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory 
What we need:

  • Polyester Fabric (something old will work perfectly, like old curtains)
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Candle
  • Scissors
  • Glass Beads
  • Hair band
  • Ribbon

DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory
First we will to cut many circles from our textile. Circles don’t need to be perfectly rounded. But it will be good to decide on size let’s say 7cm diameter of a circle for Adult and 5cm for Kid. 
For one flower is needed 7-10 “petals” circles.

DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory
Once we are done with  cutting out circles we can light the candle and slowly  burn the edges. Candle light will nicely curl textiles edges.
Reminder: Do not touch the candle light! You have to keep fabric circle ca. 1 cm from candle light. You have to try first but be careful it might burn. 

DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory
It is very relaxing work right? 🙃 Please continue.

DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory
Once we have burned edges on each circle, we can start layering up our flowers.
Needle and thread are prepared, we are ready to start hand sewing. 
Make a circle in center with bigger gaps between each stich and before you make final a knot pull the thread... 

DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory
Center has now a nice structure after we pulled the thread. Make a knot on back side to keep drapery. 

DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory
It is time for Glass Beads. We will create center of our flowers. 
Make a knot on your thread, go trough back to the front and add glass beads (3-7 beads). You don’t have to make a knot after each bead application. Continue sewing beads until you are happy with the result. Afterwards, make a knot on back side.
 DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory
It is good to have doubled thread.

DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory
Beautiful isn’t it? 

DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory It is time to decide what will be our final product.
We can create hair band or a bracelet. All will be hand sewn with a needle and thread. 

DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory
Hand sewing again from back side to front but hide thread between beads so it’s not visible on front side. 

DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory
Wedding accessory - Bracelet for Brides Maid (it is possible to do it even smaller as accessory for male part as Buotonniere on safety pin)

DIY- Handmade- Photo tutorial- Hair accessory
Hair accessory. 

DIY-Handmade-Photo Tutorial- Flower Accessory
Beautiful, simple, soft, up-cycled, handmade accessory. 

I believe you had lots of fun🤓 when you are finished with your project, take a picture and tag me in your Instagram stories @ar_design_atelier
📸 I will gladly share it in my stories too ❤️

Let’s meet in a creative dimension.

With Love 
Gabriela- ar design ATELIER




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