Macrame glass decoration

Macrame glass decoration

Have you ever tried Macramé? 

It is a beautiful knotting technique very easy to learn. My first introduction with Macramé was when as a teen girl learning how to make friendship bracelets and then again on Highschool where I studied Fashion design.

Some time ago I cam across beautiful Macramé plant hangers ideas and I couldn‘t resist. Found some yarns, made a plan and started my first Macramé plant hanger. 

I become to love this technique. You can do so many beautiful things and what is better it is very relaxing and calming.

Macrame- what we need

What we need for Macramé Decorated Glass:

  • Glass, Vase, Bottle
  • Macramé cord (the bestie Twisted yarn)
  • Scissors
Macrame- step 1
First step is to measure the Glass we want to decorate with a yearn we are going o use. When we have main cord prepared we can measure how many pieces we will need for the whole piece and how long each piece must be. Length depends on a height of the Glass we are going to decorate. Since we need doubled length for single pieces try to have them 10 cm longer then the height of the Glass. Do not worry that you will not have enough pieces, you can still ad as many as you need to make sure the whole Glass is properly covered for the next step. 
Macrame- step 2
One by one knotted on a main cord piece. Time to time check who’s is it going to look like on the Glass. 
Macrame- step 3
Tie up the chain with knotted cords around the glass and see if there are any big gaps. If you have a feeling that you need to ad some more pieces, you can easily ad as many as needed before you start knotting the pattern.
Macrame- step 4
Starting point is where the chain is closed. This will be our center.
Macrame- step 5
Starting with a classic square knot.
Macrame- step 6
Continue all around the glass.
Macrame- step 7
Macrame- step 8
Time to finish. Start opossite to the Centre. Use two longest cords for Double Half Hitch knott to the left and to the right side. Basically we will make knots around the long cords.
Macrame- step 9
When both side meet up in the Centre make a knott, cut all cords in same length and comb them. Start at the and and continue up.
Macrame- step 10
And here is the End Result. 
Same technique can be used for small Glasses as a candle holders or pen holder in your office or maybe for your make-up brushes in your bathroom. 

Few Macramé ideas from my atelier:
If you would like to try Macrame by yourself but you don‘t have anything you need at home, you will find a Creative Macramé Box in my shop.
Have a lot of fun with Macramé.

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