Minimalistic Christmas decoration

Minimalistic Christmas decoration

Christmas season is the most inspiring time of the year. So many ideas come to my mind, so many creative techniques I want to try,... but there is one problem= time.... I feel like I don‘t have enough time to try it all🙈  

I will always tell to myself that I will write it down and try it next year, but next year there is even more ideas to try 😁
This year is anyway a bit special for me, I have finally got a chance to do what I love the most and I have more time to try new Christmas ideas.
One of them is this cute minimalistic Christmas decoration for those of you who have a small home or don‘t want to buy evergreens, or simply like minimalistic deco. 

Minimalistic Christmas Deco
All you need:
  • Lovely picture frame
  • Background paper
  • Super mini Christmas ornaments
  • Cinnamon sticks (maybe even dried orange and apples, mini pine cones)
  • Ribbon
  • Candles
  • Hot Glue Gun

Minimalistic Christmas Deco- one
As a first step, open back of the frame, use is as a template to cut out a nice background and then put it inside the picture and close the back. 

Minimalistic Christmas Deco- two
Now we can turn the frame back to us and we can start arranging mini ornaments. If you want to have also candles please add them first and decorate around them. Just to make sure they will fit once the Christmas ornaments are on. For ornaments we need only Hot Glue Gun (be careful, it‘s hot). 

Minimalistic Christmas Deco- three
It is very easy to create it. I am sure you will have fun and you will enjoy creative process. 

If you would like to make even candles by yourself here is a mini tutorial how to do it 🤓

Minimalistic Christmas Deco- How to make a candle
All you need is 

  • old candles 
  • cookie cutters (different sizes)
  • candle wick
  • baking paper
  • mini pot for wax melting

Minimalistic Christmas Deco- Candle making
We have to melt the the old wax. If you want to have a color just add wax pencils. 

Minimalistic Christmas Deco- Candle making two
Once the wax is melted, we will prepare cookie cutters on a baking paper. There will be small gaps and once you start slowly pouring wax inside, it will be leaking. Just be patient and wait until it cools a bit and then pour a bit and so on, until its full. 

Minimalistic Christmas Deco- candle making- three
Let it cool down over night. 

Minimalistic Christmas Deco- End Result
You will love the end result and what is best, you can use it for many, many years. 

I wish you all to have a lovely Christmas time. 

Let‘s meet in a creative dimension. 
Gabriela- ar design atelier

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