Party decoration

Party decoration

Do you like to decorate your Birthday, Garden, Silvester or any parties? 

Let me tell you, you are in a right place 🙌🏻

When I was a kid I used to make paper garlands, or party hats and pompoms. I don‘t really like parties but I love to decorate them. You can make any place look special.
Today I will show you hot to make Paper Fans. They can be all kinds of colors, sizes, patterns, glitters,....

Let‘s begin!

Party decoration-what we need

What we need:

  • A4 paper - solid color, shiny, with glitters, with patterns, anything you like (thickness 240g)
  • ruler 
  • pencil
  • folding stick
  • cord
  • paper cutter 
  • staples
  • Scissors

Let‘s prepare paper stripes. We will use the longest site of a A4 as a main length. Size of a Paper Fan will be defined by width. 
We need 2 paper stripes for one Paper Fan.

Party Decoration-paper Fan
Have you ever tried to make a paper Harmonique? It is super easy and very 😌 We will use a ruler to defines first fold (how wide we to have it) and then we will use folding stick to help with smooth folding.

 Party decoration
Once the folding is done on every single piece, we can start cutting holes (it is lot of fan and you can even use it as glitters 😃).

 Party decoration- paper fan
We might need 2-4 parts to have a nice paper fan. Once we have cured out the wholes, we can add strong thread or cord (on a photo is juta cord). Make a knot. 

Party decoration- paper fan
Each part is sticked together with a permanent glue or you can use also stapler. Now is paper fan finished. It is very easy, you can use them for many, many years👍🏻 

 Party decoration- paper fans
Ready to decorate party for one 🤓 because why not 🙌🏻

Have a great creative time. 
Gabriela- ar design ATELIER


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