Pressed flower creation

Pressed flower creation

Or in this case it’s pressed Lucky clover 🍀 😃

Do you like pressed flowers? 
Have you ever collected flowers or four-5-6-...10 leaf lucky clovers and hide them in your thickest books to make sure they are nice and flat?  
And then forget about them, so they will fly out once you open the book... 😄

This is my story of 🍀 
I found my first four leaf clover when I was around 6 years old. And then forgot about it... When I was older I started to see them all around me... They were simply there and I could always see them. 
I guess it’s all about the details 🤓 which lucky clovers certainly are.

To this day I have books full of them, but the are hidden. No one can see them, only I know about them... Lucky clovers are very special, not everyone can see them, can find them, so they shouldn’t be hidden somewhere, right? 

Here comes the idea💡
Friend of mine, who is also very creative was working with pressed flowers (which is a beautiful idea) and her idea led me to mine 🤓 if she is using pressed flowers, I could use pressed lucky clovers 🥳 It took me a while to find nice transparent glass frames for this kind of project, but I found them! 

All I needed were lucky clovers... I had to check which books actually have them (of course the thickest ones😁). 

The idea is absolutely beautiful, you will love it and you will want to try it! I am sure of it😉

Project is very, very easy so let’s get to it! 

What we need: 

  • pressed flowers/ lucky clovers  (best way is to press them in books, wait few days- weeks until they are completely dry)
  • transparent frame
  • glue

 First step is to clean properly glass from each side. Now we can start creating 👩🏻‍🎨

Each piece will have a super small dot of glue to ensure it won’t move. 
Your creativity is completely free here, do what you like, style it your way. 
Again, you can use pressed flowers, lucky clovers, you can even do hand lettering. 


It really is super easy, very relaxing, you will enjoy it! 

Tip: as you can see on the photo, some leaves changed its color.
The reason is way to much glue. It is totally okay to use panting brush for applying thin layer of glue. 

Tip2: where you can get the frames?
There are some stores in Switzerland that have them in different colors and sizes but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Either colour or size where not what I needed.
In the end I found this set with perfect sizes and great price, even color is perfect and  I love the end result😍

So what do you think, will you try? 


Sharing is caring. 
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📸 I will gladly share it in my stories too ❤️

Let’s meet in a creative dimension.

With Love 
Gabriela- ar design ATELIER

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