Pumpkin candles

Pumpkin candles

I love Autumn, it‘s colors and smell of a forest after the rain, smell of a mushrooms and pumpkins. 
Days are shorter and darker, the weather is moody, so are we Humans...
This time of the year is absolutely perfect for creative evenings with a good drink, nice music (or maybe a podcast) and „me time“. 
It is time to relax. 

So, please prepare your cup of a tea, coffee or cocoa and let‘s begin. 

Pumpkin candle-1


  • mini pumpkins
  • candle wax (best is to melt wax from old candles)
  • candle wick (length depends on pumpkin size)
  • cookie cutter
  • Hammer
  • tea spoon
  • Old news paper (will be messy a bit :) )

Pumpkin candle-2

First step is to cut out a shape with hammer and cookie cutter right into the pumpkin (in the center if possible).

Pumpkin candle-3

Pumpkin candle-4

Pumpkin has a beautiful and clean star shape. It is time to clean it properly. It depends on size of a pumpkin but tea spoon should be enough.

Pumpkin seeds can be cleaned, dried and used in a spring for growing mini pumpkins in a garden (or flower pot on a balcony) for next Halloween.

Pumpkin candle-5

Once pumpkins are all cleared up and the candle wax is melted we can continue with a next step. Candle wick will be sticked with little bit of candle wax to the bottom of a pumpkin. Then the rest of a candle wax will be poured inside (careful it is hot). Let it cool down.

Pumpkin candle-6

Pumpkin candles are ready for Halloween :)

Have a lovely time! 
Gabriela - ar design atelier

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