Romantic Jeans

Romantic Jeans

Do you have a romantic soul and you love jeans?

If your answer is yes, I believe this will be the perfect do it yourself tutorial for you. 
It is very easy, fast and chic upgrade for your favorite Pair of jeans or jeans you didn‘t wear for some time because they were waiting for a special moment :)

In fact you can use anything you like, maybe you have a nice embroidered ribbon, or you like crochet, or maybe you prefer metal decoration. There are so many options you can try. 
What we need: 

  • Jeans 
  • cotton lace (or any other material, it depends on what you like)
  • scissors
  • pins
  • measuring tape
  • sewing machine or thread and needle

Jeans & Lace- step 1

Measure both jeans legs and decide if you want you cut off or keep it same length. I have cut off 10 cm since I am a Pettite size and those jeans were a bit longer. Measure cotton lace, size needs to be the same as the bottom seem plus 1,5 cm which you will be sewing before you attach a lace to the jeans.

Jeans & Lace- step 2 

After we have made loop out of a lace we can attach it to the jeans and sew it with a machine (or by hand). 


This project is very easy and fast :)

Jeans & Lace- step 4

Have a lovely time.  

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