Sashiko Embroidery DIY project

Sashiko Embroidery

Sashiko Embroidery

Sashiko literally "little stabs" is form of decorative functional embroidery from Japan. This stitching technique was usually used to reinforce points on clothes or repair old clothing or create a new clothes out of worn out pieces. Sashiko is using running stick technique that is used for decorative purposes in quilting and embroidery.
Sashiko is using mostly geometric patterns and designs are inspired by nature and spirit.

I have seen it couple of times on Pinterest. Or course I wanted to try it out but I didn't know where I can get something like a DIY kit. Couple years later (2020) I have found it! YAY! I have ordered DIY kit and couldn't wait to finally start this incredibly interesting technique.
With a glass of wine, cup of hot tea or a coffee, listening favourite songs,... perfect time for relax and me time. 



  • Sashiko DIY kit
  • scissors
  • time and patience
  • good music
  • cup of a tea

Decision between two patterns which one goes first :D might be a bit tough. 

Embroidery cloth is rectangular form. Fabric has to be fold in in a half (everything is marked) and then slowly fold three open sides ca. 1 cm inside with pins.

Centre needs to be stitched or pined into cross to make sure that both fabric layers won't move 

Now it's time to find a comfortable sitting position and let's begin.

Outside line is first to be embroidered all four sides. After that we can start with the main pattern. Remember to always check for the shortest way how to get to the next pattern line. Once embroidery is finished, cloth need to be washed in a warm water (without detergent) until printed pattern disappear. Then let it dry and iron it.

Sashiko Embroidery is a perfect technique how to learn patience :) You might finish it in couple of hours or one day. Maybe you would like to make it your evening relaxing routine. Important is that you do it because you like it, because it makes you feel good and relaxed.

Let's meet in a creative dimension!

With Love
Gabriela- ar design atelier


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