Star Candle holder

Star Candle holder

When I was about 10 years old I have created a first „big“ project Advent Wreath. Not the classic one with a evergreens and candles and all kinds of deco... nope... 

When I was a kid we used to have only evergreen Ikeabans that my Grandma was doing every year, no Wreath. 
I have loved to watch TV shows with crafting ideas, when there was something super interesting and not very complicated I had to try immediately.
And this is where my story begin 😃

Recycled cartoon candle holder (I know it‘s not very safe, that is why I have implemented the idea a little bit).
I wanted badly to have an Advent Wreath so I made one from a bonbon box, wrapping paper and these cute candle holders we are about to create. 

Christmas Candle holder-1
All we need is:

  • Modelling Clay (white or brown it‘s up to you)
  • Cookie cutter in 3 sizes
  • Cutter or a knife 
  • Sanding paper 
  • Dough roller
  • Glue
  • Candles

Let‘s begin

Star Candle holder- 1
First step is to roll the modeling clay with a dough roller (thickness ca 3mm). 

Star Candle Holder-2
We can begin to use cookie cutter. We need 8x each of three sizes.

Star Candle Holder-3
When we are done with cookie cutters we can cut out center in a slightly bigger size then the candle. I have used a knife since I didn‘t have a mini cookie cutter. 
Each Candle holder has 6 pieces (2x each size), we will cut out center only on 5 of them. The bottom part stays without a hole. 

Now we can let them dry (ca 24 hours, it depends on a thickness). When they are dry we will carefully sand the rough edges and make them nice and smooth. Afterwords I have used glue gun to stick each piece together, I was trying if it will hold (so far it does). You might use All purpose glue. 

Star Candle Holder
They are beautiful aren‘t they?  
My plan was to have 4 but I have made some pieces thinner and they broke when I was sending the edges. Cold thing about it is, you can simply do few more in case something brakes.. It is very easy project also suitable to make it with kids.

I wish you to have a lovely Christmas time.

With Love
Ar design ATELIER 



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