Textile napkins

Textile napkins

After long, dark, dreamy and snowy or rainy Winter days, Spring officially arrived 🥳
Longer, lighter, sunnier, colorful days are here again. 

We can again have nice lunches on balcony, enjoying nature around, sunny weather, chirping of all kinds of birds. 

Since we are trying to be as zero waste as possible, let’s switch paper napkins with Textile napkins.
Yes of course, you can buy them anywhere, but more fun is to make them by yourself. 

Let’s design our Textile napkins🤩
DIY- handmade Textile napkins decorated with handmade stamp
What we need:

  • Pre-made Textile Napkins (you can also make them by yourself from scratch but in this tutorial we will be using pre-made)
  • Color for textile 
  • Handmade stamp 
  • Sponge

We will start with handmade stamp. We can use either vegetable with interesting pattern, or we can use potato and create stamp with a cookie cutter (check this tutorial for more info) or we can use moosgummi as you can see on the picture. 
Draw a patter or simple picture you want your Napkins to be decorated with, cut it out and stick to a little piece of wood. 
Stick it properly so it doesn’t come off (I have used glue gun). 

If you want to sew textile by yourself, you will need fabric with  width: 150cm and length:  100 cm for 6 pieces of textile napkins (of course it depends on how many textile napkins you want to make). 

Size of textile napkins is 40x40cm, to make it yourself you need to ad 2.5cm to each side. It is needed to double fold each side and nicely close it. 

Once you we are done with our preparations let’s start stamping 🤓

Before we start stamping, will be good to add paper under Textile Napkins.

Tap with sponge brush color onto stamp (first try it on a paper or another piece of textile, we need to try pressure and how long we have to press).

Pressure has to be always the same. In case there are some imperfections we can still add color with a thin brush. 

You can use more colors. 
Remember: always clean stamp before using different color.
Tadaaa 🥳
It is very easy tutorial but patience and time is needed here, since color has to dry and we need to be careful while color is wet. 
TIP: use hair dryer and color will dry faster 🙌🏻
How to take care of Textile Napkins: wash on 60°C, use whitening detergent, iron and use again 🤓 


I wish you all to have a lovely Easter celebrations. 

With love 
Gabriela- ar design ATELIER

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