Valentine’s Day  Garland

Valentine’s Day Garland

Do you like to celebrate Valentine‘s Day or is this day just an overrated commercial thing? 

I like Valentine‘s Day because of it‘s story. I like to surprise my loved ones on this day with something small but in general I like to surprise them any day during the year, because every day is special with them. 
Felt Garland which we will be creating today, can be used as a Valetine’s day decoration or as a home decoration simply because you like shape of hearts 😊

This project is easy and you can definitely have a creative time with your, friends or kids. 

Valentine’s Day Garland
What we need: 
  • Felt (color is up to you, in this tutorial I have used 2 shades of red) 
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Felt/ Glass/ Wood balls 
  • Needle and thread 

Valentine’s Day Garland
First step is to cut wide stripes (width defines size of a Heart). I have 4 cm width for each stripe and length is as 27 cm (it really depends on how big Felt you have). We will use sewing Machine. Put 2 part on top of each other, lighter and darker color (you can use also same color). Sew 0.5cm from the edge. 

Valentine’s Day Garland
Now we will turn it inside out.

Valentine’s Day Garland
Put open sides again on top of each other and again we will sew 0.5 cm from the edge. 

Valentine’s Day Garland
Once the Heart tunnel is finished, we can continue with the next step 🤓

Valentine’s Day Garland
Cutting tunnel into smaller ca. 2-3 cm wide pieces.

Valentine’s Day Garland
And now it‘s time for hand sewing and heart shaping 😃 We need needle and a thread, Felt/ Glass/ Wood balls-beads and pre cuttend hearts. 

Valentine’s Day Garland
This will be like making a necklace 😃 Between each Felt ball will go one heart. We will go with needle from one since trough the inner sewn center to the other side (center will help us to shape our hearts) add another Felt ball and heart and we will continue this process until we are out of all hearts 👍🏻

Valentine’s Day Garland
Cute Felt Garland can be used over and over again as a Valentine’s Day Garland or all year long Home decoration.

Have a creative days.

With Love
Gabriela- ar design ATELIER 

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