Is my order packed ecologically?
Each order will be send in used boxes. In ar design atelier we are trying not to produce more waste than necessary. It can happen that we have to use new packaging in case the order requires it. Otherwise we are sending your order in recycled boxes or envelopes :) 

I want to order a product but I am not sure I like the colour.
Please note that, due to lighting effects and individual monitor settings, colour tones might differ on each device. Due to handmade nature of each product is very much possible there are little variations on each product. 

How should I take care of Soutache jewellery? 
Soutache jewellery is a unique product made partially of narrow flat decorative braid, glass beads and metal parts (usually silver 925/ gold/rosegold-plated 18-24K). This unique piece of jewellery has to be ad as a last piece of your outfit. Do not spray it with a parfume, do not wear it in a shower, do not wash it, do not iron it. 
In case there is a dirty spot, please use a slightly wet towel (without any detergent) and gently clean it.  

Can I wash my Face Mask on 90°C? 
Face masks are made of certified cotton fabric. They require 40-60°C washing program with a detergent without softener.